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Atlas Tax Chambers has merged with
Temple Tax Chambers
as of 1st January 2015

3 Field Court

Atlas Tax Chambers has merged with Temple Tax Chambers

We are one of a small group of Chambers having a number of barristers who specialise exclusively in direct and indirect taxation matters and who have been involved in many of the leading tax cases in recent years.

Our barristers pride themselves on being approachable, user-friendly and "commercial", and the range of expertise and experience of members of Chambers means that we can always provide appropriate and cost effective advice and representation of the highest quality, however complex or simple the issues involved.


We can offer advice and representation in all areas of UK tax law.

Questions of tax law are often complex and difficult and our barristers combine intellectual sophistication and rigour with years of practical experience to ensure clients receive the highest level of service.

We are frequently engaged to assist in tax disputes and litigation at all levels (from pre-enquiry stage up to the Supreme Court) as well as regularly providing pre and post transaction advice.

Members of Chambers regularly advise and litigate in respect of all the commonly encountered taxes and duties.

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