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as of 1st January 2015

Keith M Gordon

Keith M Gordon MA(Oxon) FCA CTA(Fellow)

Keith is available:

  • to appear in all Courts and Tribunals or
  • to provide written opinions and to advise in a meeting ('in conference') or over the telephone. 

For a summary of Keith's recent Court appearances, click here.


Other recent work includes:


  • Procedural issues
    • Ensuring unlawful discovery assessments are vacated
    • Challenging excessive information notices
    • Advising on closure notices
  • Income tax and NICs
    • Advice on personal residence and domicile
    • Applicability of the settlements legislation
    • Considering relevance of IR35 legislation to proposed arrangement
    • Advising on inappropriate use of benefits code by HMRC
    • Challenging HMRC assertion that PAYE must be operated by non-resident company
    • Arguing status of workers as non-employees
    • Advising on effect of share-scheme rules to proposed sale of shares by directors
    • Advising on availability of loan interest relief following sale of business
    • Status of payments from employee trusts
    • Applicability of the transactions in securities provisions
  • Capital gains tax (and corporation tax on corporate gains)
    • Determining the timing of a disposal under a contract
    • Advising on effectiveness of cross options
    • Determining the allowable expenditure
    • Advising on availability of main residence exemption
      • Transfers between spouses
      • Development of site in garden
  • Corporation tax
    • Advising on availability of substantial shareholding exemption
    • Looking at application of substantial donors exemption
    • Considering applicability of intangible fixed assets regime
    • Applicability of the transactions in securities provisions
    • Definition of distributions
  • Inheritance tax
    • Considering the availability of business property relief
    • Dealing with transfers of value from close companies
  • Value added tax
    • Advising on triangulation (3-party contracts, intra-EU supplies)
    • Advising on VAT treatment on proposed surrender of lease
    • Dealing with interaction of Halifax and Lennartz principles
    • Recoverability of VAT on legal expenses


Keith has also advised in matters relating to:

  • alleged professional negligence
  • partnership disputes involving accountants
  • alleged negligence of staff provided by recruitment agencies
  • claims under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
  • employment law.